Background Services

Loss Control Bulletin


$77,000,000 were the total settlement cost in a four year study by
“Security Management” magazine.  Twenty one percent(21%) were for negligent hiring or retention of employees.


In addition to name address and social security number you need:
Ten years employment history
Previous addresses
Educational background
Criminal record


It’s not what is in the resume or application, but what is missing or vague.
Missing information about former employers
Gaps in employment
Unusual patterns of military service
Reason why salary declined
Reason for leaving present or past employers
Are all red flags and should be in the hiring process.


Educational records from applicants can be suspect.
All educational records should be sent from the institution.


This is the most important check.
Many successful lawsuits are brought for failure to do a criminal record check.
This is especially true where contact is with sensitive groups like daycare and nursing homes.
Both federal and state records must be checked.
There is no clearing house for federal and state crime.


Applicants employment history
Professional background
Previous addresses
Social Security Number

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